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MattScandoc 2021.05.20 22:49

Scandoc does not communicate with the Instrument cluster of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter 906.633.

Unfortunately I cannot provide any more detailed information on the problem other than that it is not possible to access the instrument cluster (ICM) computer with scandoc. An error "ECU not found" appears.

Kind regards,

Matthias Wedel 

n.kovalev 2021.05.21 07:50

Thanks for the info. We have added a new identifier for this ECU. Now the program will be able to work with your ECU. Changes will be available in the next version of the program and in the next beta version of the program.

MattScandoc 2021.05.31 18:45

Thank you, I tested it and can confirm that it works.

n.kovalev 2021.06.01 06:09

Thanks for good news. We continue to refine the control units, so if you find an error in the operation of the ECU, be sure to write about it to technical support. 

Best regards.


n.kovalev 2021.06.15 08:17

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