General description

If you have any difficulties in working with the program, or you have organizational questions, then you can contact technical support on this site.

Request can be created in ScanDoc or on this site.

If you have an organizational question, then create an appeal on this site. For example, a general question about the operation of the program, questions about delivery or repair, or you need some explanation about the operation of the program.

If you see some kind of failure or incorrect behavior in the program, then the request must be created through the ScanDoc program. Since only with this request a log file of the program is created.

To avoid confusion, please create one request per issue. Each request is assigned a number and a status. If the request is assigned the status "error", then after the correction in the news feed there will be a message that the error on the request has been fixed.

Create a support ticket

Automatic reporting

In the ScanDoc program settings, you can allow automatic sending of job reports.

Automatic reporting

In this case, the program will send internal error reports automatically.

If you have disabled automatic error reporting, you can send all the accumulated information manually by pressing the button Send logs immediately.

We only store data about crashes and problems, as well as statistical information. For example, which error codes on which cars are most common. No personal information is stored. You can read more about the information we collect and store in our privacy policy.

Creating a technical support request during diagnostics from the ScanDoc program.

We value your time, so we tried to make contacting technical support as easy as possible. Tickets related to the operation of the scanner are made in the program during operation.

Unknown DTC error

For example, during the diagnosis of the Ssang-Yong D27DT diesel engine, an undecoded DTC error appeared.

To create a new support ticket, click the "" button in the upper right corner.

Setting up a support request

A support ticket window will appear, in which you can:

  1. Attach a screenshot to your ticket and indicate whether other users can read this message;
  2. On the screenshot, you can select the area
    (drag the cursor over the screenshot area, using the Erase you can delete the drawn selection);
  3. Write a comment to the appeal. The first line of your comment will be the title, and will be shown in the ticket table.

After the ticket is issued, click the button Send, now your request has been sent. You can continue to work further with other systems.

You can track your tickets on the website: Logs will be sent as soon as the program gets internet access.

If at the moment you have an Internet connection, then the ticket will be sent immediately, if not, the ticket will be sent at the moment you connect to the Internet.

Creating a ticket on the Support site

You can create a request for a general topic on this site.

Login to Support

First you need to log in, to do this, click on the "" button in the upper right corner and enter your data specified during registration in

Login to Support
  • To get to the ticket list menu, click on the button at the top of the window, an additional sidebar;
  • In the menu select Tickets;
  • Click the New ticket button.
Setting up a call

Next you can:

  1. Mark whether your ticket will be visible to all users or only to technical support;
  2. Write a message, add a picture;
  3. Attach files to the message.

Working with tickets

Site main menu

The main page shows a summary of tickets

Site main menu

The window is conditionally divided into work areas.

  1. Side menu where you can:
    • Go to main page;
    • View list of tickets
    • Switch language;
    • View more information.
  2. The top menu contains:
    • Alert about new replies to your tickets;
    • The account under which you entered the site;
    • Logout button.
  3. Tiles-ticket counters;
  4. Graph of the number of all tickets by brands in the form of columns;
  5. News from the developer (to add news to your RSS feed, click the button - );
  6. Feed updates on your tickets and tickets that you "follow".

To get to the list of tickets menu, select Tickets in the left menu.

Unknown DTC error

Each ticket has its own information:

  1. Request status;
  2. No solution The ticket was processed, but, unfortunately, it was not possible to solve it.
    New Created a new ticket
    Elaborator During the discussion stage
    Development In the process of solving the problem
    Testing Testing a new program with fixes
    Prepared for release Building a new program with fixes
    Done Issue resolved or issue closed
  3. Ticket number;
  4. Who last replied to the message;
    • - Support
    • - Client
  5. Ticket type;
    • - Issue
    • - Bug
    • - Critical
    • - Dublicate
  6. Description. This is the first line of your post;
  7. Path in the tree of brands and models;
  8. Responsible for working with your ticket (responsible is appointed by technical support, after the first acquaintance with your problem);
  9. The date the ticket was created;
  10. Tracking the ticket (if you check the "follow" checkbox, the ticket will be displayed in the feed on the main page of the Support site);
Search filter

Use the search filter to quickly find the ticket you need.

The selection parameters in the filter fully correspond to the columns in the query table that were described above.

Tracking a ticket

The alert icon () in the top menu will let you know if there are messages for you. The number next to it means the number of responses from technical support to your tickets.

  1. Click on the alert icon . In the window that appears, you can see the answer to your ticket (in our case, ticket # 22875) if you click on this entry, you can go to the request;
  2. Whether there was a response from technical support can also be seen by the icon in the "Answ" column ( - means that technical support answered your request);
  3. To read the answer, open a ticket by clicking on its number.
Support response

By clicking on the link with the ticket number you can see the answer to your request.

  1. Additional ticket control;
  2. Delete ticket click this button to permanently delete the ticket.
    (Sometimes there is a need to revert to an old issue, so we do not recommend deleting requests.);
    Private ticket if the checkbox is checked, then the ticket will be visible only to you and technical support;
    Follow tracking the ticket, if the "follow" checkbox is checked, then the message will be displayed in the feed on the main page of the Support site;
  3. Your ticket;
  4. Answer from technical support;
  5. Using this form, you can continue to communicate with technical support if you have any questions. (If the last message was from those support and you did not write anything else, then after 14 days the request will automatically close)

In our example, technical support wrote a decryption of DTC P0301 and reported that the decryption would be added in the next version of the program.

Work examples

Error in ScanDoc

What to do if an error is found in the ScanDoc program. For example, there is no interpretation of DTC P0301.

  1. In ScanDoc, click on the support icon in the right corner of the window;
  2. In the window that appears, circle the problem if necessary and write a comment below;
  3. Press button Send;
  4. Check if automatic sending of reports is enabled, if not, click the button Send logs immediately;
  5. After a while, log in to with your account;
  6. Check the response from tech support;

General support question

Procedure for a general question. For example, in this way you can find out about the release of a new release of the program.

  1. Log in to with your username and password;
  2. Switch to the tickets page, to do this, in the left menu, click on Tickets;
  3. Click on the button New ticket;
  4. In a new window, write your question, if you want to make the ticket private so that other users cannot read your message, check the box See only Support;
  5. After a while, log in to using your account;
  6. Check the response from tech support;