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dirk2111 2021.05.06 13:54

im just testing the new scandoc versus the "old".

I can told you, that the heater module in my 2011 Priora 2171 wasnt found. It is the version without AC.
In the "old" Version, the Heater ECU is available.
Greetings from Germany :)

v.frolov 2021.05.06 15:19

Good day.

Thanks for the info. At work.

v.frolov 2021.05.07 08:26

Good day.

The bug has been fixed. Fixes will be available in a new version of the program (release) or a new beta version of the program.

v.frolov 2021.05.11 05:40

Good day.

We released a beta version of the program from 05/09/2021 with corrections for your problem. Download link: 

v.frolov 2021.05.25 10:53