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/Car/HYUNDAI/General/IX20 (JC)/2012/G 1.6 MPI/Immobilizer
Terracan 2021.11.04 11:08

Fz: Hyundai ix20

ChassisNummer TMAPU81DBCJ045490  Jg. 2011

Aufgabe 2 Neue Schlüssel anlernen

Kann nicht ZV ....anlernen 

Kann nicht WFS ...anlernen

Schaad Patrick    S10269

v.frolov 2021.11.08 12:25

Good day.

Thanks for the information. The bug has been fixed. The fixes will be available in the new version of the program (release) or the nearest beta version of the program.

bot 2021.11.11 17:04

We made a change in the program at your request. You can use the beta version of the program or wait for the next release.
If you have the opportunity, please let us know about the result.